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Survey says 3/4 of consumers expect your company to be hacked

Three quarters of consumers expect business and organisations to be hacked, a new study from cybersecurity firm Centrify reports.

The Centrify Consumer Trust Survey interviewed 2400 consumers in the UK, US and Germany about issues such as their attitudes towards hacking, their likely actions when they discover a company has been breached, and how responsible they believe businesses are for these breaches.

It found that 66% of US consumers and 75% of UK consumers are somewhat likely to stop doing business with companies that have been breached.

The next big threat in hacking — data sabotage

As we speed into the future, an increasing number of components linked to our nation’s and corporations’ critical infrastructure are reliant on a connection to the Internet. The possibility of devastating cyberattacks from aggressive nation-states, cyberterrorists and hacktivists becomes much more real: All of Manhattan’s streetlights turning green at the same time; a U.S. military drone hitting an unintended target; a fleet of hundreds of driverless cars crashing into a police precinct.

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