107+ cybersecurity companies in healthcare | 2017

Healthcare organizations across the globe are more susceptible than ever to hacks and data breaches, which can cost a hospital or health system millions to fix and damage their reputation. As a result, hospitals are investing more in cybersecurity and risk management services.

Organizations face internal threats from email scams, cloud sharing and lost mobile devices, as well as external threats such as hackers. The global healthcare cybersecurity market is expected to reach $10.8 billion by 2020, according to a Grand View Research report.

Here are more than 100 cybersecurity companies in the healthcare space, listed in alphabetical order.

Absolute (Vancouver, Canada). Absolute offers near real-time security breach remediation. The company’s Absolute Persistence product, a self-healing endpoint security technology, provides IT personnel control over devices and data. The company’s cloud-based visibility allows for remote IT asset management and security for healthcare providers, including support from its healthcare information security and privacy practitioners and ASIS-certified protection professionals.

Agari (San Mateo, Calif.). Agari allows companies to secure themselves and customers from advanced phishing attacks. The Agari Email Trust Platform helps healthcare organizations verify trusted email identities and stop threats of identity deception.

AlienVault (San Mateo, Calif.). AlienVault is the provider of Unified Security Management, a comprehensive approach to security monitoring, and the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange, an open threat intelligence community enabling collaborative defense with community-powered threat data. USM is designed to monitor cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

AllClear ID (Austin, Texas). AllClear ID provides breach response and customer identity protection services. The company notifies customers in the event of identity theft and assigns a dedicated investigator to initiate any dispute processes, recover financial losses and restore credit reports to the pre-fraud state.

Arxan (San Francisco). Arxan offers application attack-prevention and self-protection products for the internet of things with mobile and desktop applications. The company aims to protect customers from financial loss, fraudulent transactions, stolen credentials and internet protocol theft. In the healthcare space, Arxan offers protection for embedded apps in medical devices.

Attivo Networks ThreatDefend (Fremont, Calif.). The ThreatDefend™ Deception and Response Platform is a powerful security control for an active defense, which provides early threat detection and changes the asymmetry against attackers. The Attivo Networks deception solution takes an innovative approach to detection by dynamically setting traps and lures to create a virtual hall of mirrors, altering an attacker’s reality and imposing increased cost as they are forced to decipher what is real versus fake. The ThreatDefend platform is unique in that it provides visibility throughout the attack lifecycle and detects activity that has bypassed traditional security controls. Designed for the most sophisticated human and automated attackers, the Attivo Networks deception technology is proven at global scale by Fortune 500 customers to accurately and efficiently detect threats. High-interaction engagement technology is used to substantiate each detection, provide high-fidelity alerts, automate attack analysis. Extensive 3rd party integrations complete the cycle of an active defense with attack information sharing and automation to simplify incident response.