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How Russia-Ukraine Is Intensifying Healthcare Cyber Worries

Threats involving the Russia-Ukraine war are exacerbating cybersecurity pressures on healthcare sector entities in the U.S. and globally, according to John Riggi, national adviser for cybersecurity and risk at the American Hospital Association and Carolyn Crandall, chief security advocate at Attivo Networks, who explain why. Among the biggest worries for U.S. hospitals right now is the threat …

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Keeping guard: Cyber threats and COVID

Ian Bolland is joined by Carolyn Crandall from Attivo Networks to discuss where companies operating in the healthcare and medical device space are most vulnerable, and what they need to do to guard against cyber threats. Listen to the podcast on Med Tech.

Watch now: Protecting Data and AI in Healthcare Summit

Carolyn Crandall, chief security advocate of Attivo Networks, joined a panel discussion that dug into the topic of AI and healthcare security: The risks faced by hospitals when it comes to IoMT (Networked medical devices and the cyber threat to those) and some best practices on how to solve that ever-growing threat The role of …

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Healthcare 2030: Smart, Connected and in the Cloud

The healthcare industry has been slow to adopt digital-first practices. While other industries are filing records in the cloud and hosting meetings over videoconference, care providers are still using file cabinets and doing follow-ups in person.

That attitude is changing quickly, however. We are on the cusp of an Internet of Things-powered revolution that has the potential to transform healthcare.

A healthcare sector driven by an Internet of Medical Things is on the horizon. Connected medical devices, big data and the cloud are becoming crucial tools to improve care, fight diseases and overcome the challenges facing healthcare.

Cyber Deception for Improving Security Health in the Healthcare Industry

Authored by Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer, Attivo Networks – Over 38 million patient records have been compromised due to breaches this year, compared with just 12 million in 2018. This alarming statistic demonstrates that, despite increased education on cyber safety, healthcare providers are still struggling to protect both their PII and other vulnerable data. Even the most robust prevention defenses are proving inadequate in stopping attackers once they have infiltrated a network.

Joseph Salazar, Attivo Networks® Engineer and InfoSec Veteran, Speaks at H-ISAC on the Impact of Deception Technology

Attivo Networks, the award-winning leader in deception for cybersecurity threat detection, today announced that Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer, will present at this year’s H-ISAC (Health – Information Sharing and Analysis Center) Spring Summit. During his session, “Gaining an Operational Advantage with Full Fabric Deception Technology,” Salazar will take a deep dive on deception technology, discussing how it can be used to mitigate cybersecurity risk across the healthcare industry.

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“I believe I am here because I did not fear being different”

I didn’t originally start out thinking I was going to become a sales or marketing professional. If you have ever played Monopoly, think of the stigma they put on that profession, and as such it really wasn’t top of mind. That said, while I was going to Santa Clara University, studying both electrical engineering and computer science, I took a job as an assistant to the VP of Marketing. This was my first introduction to a high-tech workplace. I ended up in sales based on a bet that I could outsell any of the sales reps in the office. I think my boss at the time thought it was never going to happen, but upon my achievement, he did honor the bet. My next two positions were exclusively sales and only after that did I become responsible for marketing programs.

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