Nearly 20,000 patients compromised by Henry Ford Health System data breach

Henry Ford Health System announced this week a data breach of health information that involves nearly 20,000 patients. It is “unclear” if any of the compromised information has been used “inappropriately.”

“We are very sorry this happened. We take very seriously any misuse of patient information, and we are continuing our own internal investigation to determine how this happened and to ensure no other patients are impacted,” the hospital wrote in a news release this week, noting that they learned of the incident on October 3 after the e-mail credentials of a group of employees were also compromised.

“… Someone gained access to or stole the e-mail credentials of a group of employees,” a release on the breach stated, explaining that patient health information was inside of these employee e-mail accounts.

It is still unclear if any of the information that was “viewed or stolen” has been used for any inappropriate use, the hospital stated adding that Social Security numbers and credit card info was not included in the data breach. What was compromised was information such as patient names, birthdates, medical record numbers, provider names, dates of service, department names, locations, medical conditions and health insurers. A total of 18,470 patient’s information was compromised.