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Customers Asked for CrowdStrike Integrations, so We Delivered

Written by: Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer – Attivo Networks actively solicits feedback from its customers for improvements and new features they want to see. We regularly receive requests to integrate with particular technology solutions that allow customers to better leverage the Attivo ThreatDefend® platform with their existing security controls. One of the more recently requested integrations was with the CrowdStrike EDR platform. Attivo was able to complete the initial phase of this integration earlier this year. This blog covers the current Attivo integration with CrowdStrike and discusses how organizations can benefit from the joint solution.


Attivo Networks Integrates with Digital Defense Frontline.Cloud

Deception technology is a powerful tool to secure environments against advanced attackers and persistent threats, and it becomes even more powerful when it integrates with the rest of an organization’s security stack. The Attivo Networks ThreatDefend platform offers over 30 native integrations and has now been integrated with the Frontline.Cloud platform from Digital Defense.

Attivo Networks ThreatDirect™ Deception in a Docker Container – Scaling with the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Family of Switches

Written by: Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer – Networks are constantly evolving to meet the demands of ever-expanding digital business infrastructure. Organizational networks can now include remote offices, branch offices, retail stores, or other sites outside of the headquarters network. Users no longer need to be tethered to a desktop with a patch cable or working from a corporate office.

Cloud Cover with Attivo and Palo Alto Networks

Written by: Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer – Recently, Attivo Networks® attended the Palo Alto Networks Cloud Security Summit in Irvine, CA, where we had productive discussions with customers and other partners regarding the value of leveraging deception technology to strengthen security both on-premises and in the cloud. C

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