Looking back on Fortinet Accelerate 2018

By: Helena Belem Kuly This year’s Fortinet Accelerate 2018 global partner and user conference event in Las Vegas had a clear message according to Ken Xie, Fortinet’s founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, “At Fortinet we believe that the only way to achieve industry-leading impact is to innovate by strength in numbers through an environment that fosters partnership around ideas, technology, and vision to effectively secure networks today and into the future.” Ken spoke about today’s interconnected network environment requiring a new generation of security innovation, including the automatic sharing of threat intelligence to collaboratively respond to attacks and extend visibility across the distributed network.
As a Fortinet Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner, Attivo Networks – an innovator in cybersecurity defense and leader in deception-based threat detection technology, creates an active defense through continuous threat management using dynamic deceptions for the real-time detection, analysis, and accelerated response to cyber incidents. Analysts and organizations are widely seeing how the use of deception technology can complement existing security products by sharing attack information that can make those products more accurate and more effective as they work together. This is one of the key aspects of the Attivo ThreatDefend platform – early detection into a more sophisticated modular solution for efficient and effective continuous threat management.
As a Tech Expo sponsor of Fortinet Accelerate this year, I was eager to speak to Fortinet’s customers, as well as key channel and distribution partners about deception as either part of their own or their customer’s active security posture. I was not disappointed; I had great conversations that highlighted our partnership with Fortinet and demonstrated how our technology alliance is benefiting customers. Gartner says it best, “By using deception technology behind the enterprise firewall, enterprises can better detect attackers that have penetrated their defenses with a high level of confidence in the events detected. Deception technology implementations now span multiple layers within the security control stack, including endpoint, network, application, and data.”
It is clear with the proliferation of attacks, organizations require an active defense. I walked away from this year’s conference energized to be part of the Fortinet’s partner ecosystem. Through our technology alliance, we’re enabling customers to keep pace with the rapid emerging security threats and to remain ahead of modern-day attackers.