Machine Learning

How automation is changing the cyber-security battle

While financial services firms are increasingly embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, they’ve also captured cyber criminals’ attention. Never content to simply maintain the status quo, this group is busy putting the technologies to work to make their techniques stronger and more likely to succeed. AI and ML tools allow them to …

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American Security Today

Using Advanced Threat Detection to Enhance Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Cybercrime is always evolving, and as technology becomes more advanced, so too do the tactics employed by cybercriminals around the globe. … Today’s attackers often carry out attacks with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, which can enhance both their sophistication and speed. Fortunately, cybercriminals are not the only ones utilizing automated …

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Finance Monthly Game Changers Award 2019

Carolyn Crandall has served as the Chief Deception Officer and CMO of Attivo Networks® since 2015 and has over 30 years of experience building emerging technology markets in the security, networking, and storage industries. She has a demonstrated track record of successfully taking companies from preIPO through to multi-billion-dollar sales and has held leadership positions at Cisco, Juniper Networks, Nimble Storage, Riverbed, and Seagate(i365).

Attivo Networks® Announces Adaptive Deception Campaigns Delivering Operational Agility to Outmaneuver Attackers

Attivo Networks® today announced the release of its Adaptive Deception Campaigns, which use machine-learning to create and automate the deployment of campaigns that bolster deceptions to address the evolving threat landscape and ever-changing attack surface. Adaptive campaigns are unique to other security controls in that they change the asymmetry of attacks with their ability to change the network “game board” automatically or on demand based on suspicion that an attack is underway. This new power to reset deception throughout global networks at whim, gives security teams the offensive control to force the attacker to start over, make a mistake, give up or incur increased time and costs in their attempt to breach the network.

Deception Essentials for Cyber

By: Edward Amoroso Years ago, I became aware of a cable TV company whose customers were ripping off pay-per-view content. One root cause involved teenagers replacing their set-top box CPU with a test version of the chip purchased from an on-line TTL dealer. Because the test CPU descrambled everything, these clever teens no longer had to squint to make sense of those scrambled images on the Spice Channel.

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