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Stopping the Next SolarWinds Requires Doing Something Different

By Tony Cole, CTO, Attivo Networks Will the SolarWinds breach finally prompt the right legislative and regulatory actions on a broader, more effective scale? The SolarWinds breach is not the first major supply chain breach, but previous similar breaches failed to prompt effective regulatory action. Both governments and businesses remain focused on things like cyber …

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How deception technology can boost security for medical devices

Explosive growth in smart medical devices has created a new set of challenges for the healthcare industry. To adapt to these changes, health IT risk management experts are seeking new ways to better balance integrated services and security. While medical devices are regulated in many ways for functionality, with rules or laws put forth by regulatory agencies, these same regulators have fallen short when it comes to prescribing enforceable security standards that sufficiently address today’s interconnected healthcare systems—an issue made particularly complex by the lack of agreement over whether providers or device manufactures should bear the liability burden.

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President signs NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act into law

A year and nearly four months after the measure was introduced, the NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act officially passed after President Donald Trump signed the legislation into law. Originally proposed as H.R. 2105 in April 2017, the act was later absorbed into U.S. federal law S.770, and requires the director of the National Institute of …

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Why Smart Medical Devices Pose Security Risks to Hospitals

You’ve probably heard the infamous story about how Dick Cheney’s heart defibrillator was modified to prevent it from being hacked while he was vice president. While Cheney’s medical team was quick to address this particular issue, the larger healthcare community has been slower to react to persistent threats and medical device security remains a growing concern even 11 years later.

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