Hackers using NSA malware DoublePulsar to infect Windows PCs with Monero mining Trojan

DoublePulsar is estimated to have previously infected nearly 100,000 Windows PCs.

Hackers are reportedly using the NSA’s leaked DoublePulsar malware to infect vulnerable Windows PCs with a new cryptocurrency miner identified as “Trojan.BtcMine.1259”. The Trojan reportedly leverages DoublePulsar, an NSA hacking tool leaked by the Shadow Brokers, to infect systems running unsecured SMB protocols.

DoublePulsar was at the heart of the WannaCry attacks and was used by hackers to spread the self-propagating ransomware last month. Security experts estimated that hackers used the NSA malware, which essentially functions as a backdoor, providing access to vulnerable Windows systems, to infect nearly 100,000 Windows PCs.