Cybersecurity Predictions for the Second Half of 2019

Authored by: Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer – At the beginning of the year, I spent some time looking ahead at what the future might hold for the cybersecurity community, and I suggested a few resolutions that might help forward-thinking organizations improve their defense against future cyberattacks. Now that we’re over the halfway mark of 2019, it feels like the perfect time to make some predictions for the remainder of the year—and beyond—and discuss how we can be proactive about it.

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The State of IoT Security: OWASP Top Ten Challenges

How has the security of the Internet of Things evolved in recent years? TechBeacon last visited the topic in 2017 and found the picture to be troubling at best. Now, for the first time since 2014, OWASP has updated its own Top Ten list of IoT Vulnerabilities. While the present state of IoT security remains poor, a reading of the draft reveals some shifts in thinking about how to shore up IoT devices’ spotty security. For example, “weak, guessable, or hardcoded passwords” now top the list, replacing insecure web interfaces, which drop to No 3. Insecure networks also rank higher, now up a spot, to second on the list.

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