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Try the Award-Winning ADSecure Solution Free for 90-Days Start your 90-day free trial of the Attivo Networks ADSecure award-winning solution, ideal for organizations using Active Directory to authenticate and authorize users and computers in Windows domain networks. We Make it Easy and Simple No changes to Active Directory. Seamlessly integrate with your endpoint provider making …

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A Hacker’s Perspective: Taking Charge of the Cybersecurity Realm

Authored by: Chris, Geek at Attivo Networks – Earlier this week, Tony and I got the opportunity to hang out on a webinar discussing the state of Information Security, from a hacker’s perspective, and numerous influencing aspects around it. Here are some of the thoughts and takeaways, AND if you have time, here’s the link to the on-line version (yea, sorry, it’s a link, click it OR Google the show from BrightTALK’s site if you don’t trust me!)


10 Ways to Protect Against Cyberattacks

Written by: Carolyn Crandall, Attivo Networks CMO and Chief Deception Officer – As the threat landscape continues to evolve, today’s security experts will emphasize that both perimeter security and active, in-network defenses are required to build a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. However, they’ll also share that cyber hygiene is taking on greater importance as the scope, scale, and frequency of cyberattacks continue to grow.

Detection Budgets Rising Fast

This blog has regularly covered the alarming rise in security breaches over the last two years, and the assumption that most security teams are now aware that their prevention solutions are not enough to protect their companies. One measure organizations are taking is the shift in spending on detection solutions versus prevention solutions. In fact, a number of analyst firms have indicated that this balance would be closer to 70/30 in 2017 and would take several more years to hit 60/40.

New Research Finds Dramatic Shift in Security Budgets from Prevention to Detection Solutions

Attivo Networks®, today announced that a survey conducted by Anderson Research shows the portion of security budgets targeted for detection solutions increased substantially over 2015. According to those security professionals surveyed, their current budgets have shifted and are now split evenly between detection and prevention solutions. The report, sponsored by Attivo Networks, was conducted last quarter among security professionals from over seven industry sectors throughout the U.S. According to industry estimates, enterprises have historically spent more than 75% of their InfoSec technology budgets on preventative technologies.

Attivo Networks and Check Point Software Team Up to Improve Detection and Accelerate the Incident Response of Advanced Threats

Attivo Networks deception platform has integrated with Check Point R80 management platform. The integration combines prevention, advanced threat detection, and incident response capabilities into a collective defense solution capable of automatically identifying and blocking infected systems to prevent exfiltration of valuable company data and other malicious activities.

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