Ukraine at D+1.

We note at the outset of this report that combat is inherently chaotic, and that all specific reports of damage and casualties should in particular be treated with a degree of respectful skepticism. MIT Technology Review offers some useful advice about the ways in which mis- and disinformation easily spreads in wartime. Old video and images circulate …

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HermeticWiper: A New Data Wiper Malware Targeting Ukraine Systems

HermeticWiper: A New Data Wiper Malware Targeting Ukraine Systems

Written by: Vikram Navali – Senior Technical Product Manager, As the Ukraine-Russia conflict is gathering attention from everyone worldwide, a massive data-wiping malware called HermeticWiper hit multiple organizations in Ukraine. According to ESET researchers, threat actors have been in preparation for a couple of months before they could launch a full-fledged attack.


Podcast: IT Masters Update (segunda temporada)

Conducido por Ivonne Garza,  IT Masters Update es un podcast producido por Netmedia. Escuche todos los lunes —o el primer día hábil de la semana— el mejor resumen de la industria IT, a nuestra manera. Escuche el capítulo 3 del podcast para escuchar las recomendaciones de Tony Cole, CTO de Attivo Networks, sobre el conflicto …

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Hackers pilfered $6M from Russian central bank via SWIFT system

Hackers nicked $6 million from the Russian central bank last year via the SWIFT messaging system, according to report from the bank.

“The volume of unsanctioned operations as a result of [a single successful attack] amounted to 339.5 million roubles,” the bank said. Hackers gained control of one of the bank’s computers and used the SWIFT system to transfer money, according to a reportfrom Reuters.

Cautioning that “the stability of our financial institutions is threatened by these types of attacks,” Nick Bilogorskiy, cybersecurity strategist at Juniper Networks, said “they should serve as a call to action for international law enforcement cooperation on defending our global financial systems.”

Bilogorskiy sad that cybergangs typically use two methods for robbing bank – ATM jackpotting and SWIFT wire transfers. “Our banks and financial institutions are all interconnected today, which creates major risks and international groups of criminals in various countries are monetizing these risks,” he said.

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