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2021 tech predictions: The conceptual gets real

What might 2021 bring in term of technology?

Community and market experts found consensus on a few areas. First, cloud security will dominate strategies and investments even more that it did during 2020, as organizations big and small go all in on digital transformation. And second, technologies once deemed “on the horizon” – think automation, 5G and even the much hyped artificial intelligence – will officially arrive.


Attivo Solutions for SaaS Cybersecurity

Written by: Zakk K, Security Architect at Attivo Networks – As the enterprise becomes more dependent on software delivered via an externally-hosted service that someone else maintains, it adds complexity to the security of what used to be a traditionally in-house application for the convenience and affordability of being able to consume software as a service. An example of this is when on-premise email servers are replaced with cloud-based Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) services, raising questions about the effectiveness of using traditional security controls hosted at the datacenter for protecting an externally hosted service.

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IT Wire: Cyber attackers taking aim at VPNs as more work from home

Cyber attackers are definitely going to be targeting VPNs as a means of accessing the corporate network or SaaS accounts from a compromised user’s personal computer. … “Attackers will definitely be targeting access through VPNs as many companies are simply not ready for an attack from this vector,” Carolyn Crandall, Attivo Networks. “With VPN split-tunnelling, …

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