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Attivo Networks® Brings Identity Security to the Next Level with a New Method of Credential Protection

Company expands its Identity Detection and Response portfolio with Credential Cloaking and Policy-based Application Access FREMONT, Calif. – September 8, 2021 – Attivo Networks®, the leader in identity detection and response, today announced a revolutionary new way of protecting credentials from theft and misuse. As part of its Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) Suite, the ThreatStrike® …

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Attivo Networks® Announces Adaptive Deception Campaigns Delivering Operational Agility to Outmaneuver Attackers

Attivo Networks® today announced the release of its Adaptive Deception Campaigns, which use machine-learning to create and automate the deployment of campaigns that bolster deceptions to address the evolving threat landscape and ever-changing attack surface. Adaptive campaigns are unique to other security controls in that they change the asymmetry of attacks with their ability to change the network “game board” automatically or on demand based on suspicion that an attack is underway. This new power to reset deception throughout global networks at whim, gives security teams the offensive control to force the attacker to start over, make a mistake, give up or incur increased time and costs in their attempt to breach the network.

Deception Derails Ransomware: WannaCry Analyzed by Attivo Labs

As ransomware attacks continue to claim hundreds of thousands of victims, organizations are scrambling to figure out if their current security tools can effectively stop, detect, and remediate large-scale ransomware attacks.

While the major WannaCry ransomware attack was stopped by an uncovered kill switch, experts fear a resurgence of new strains without such shortcomings. Now, more than ever, organizations across all industries need to strengthen their defenses against these aggressive and damaging attacks.

Attivo Networks ThreatMatrix Platform Wins 2016 Award for Most Innovative Products

Attivo Networks®, today announced it has won Silver in the 2016 annual One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. The company’s ThreatMatrix Deception and Response Platform was named the Most Innovative Product of the Year for its advanced technology in information security threat detection and response.

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