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Challenges 2021 holds for cybersecurity in Australia’s energy sector

If 2020 has been the year of unprecedented disruption on a global scale, 2021 will be the one when many people begin picking up the pieces. The COVID-19 pandemic caused unexpected and rapid change on all fronts. With virtually no warning, energy companies had to shift most of their staff into a “work-from-home” mode. Meanwhile, …

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Taking Charge of Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry

Delivering energy has centered on the fundamental tenant of being reliably available. As energy providers strive to maintain that availability, they all too often push security to the backburner. Many unsafe practices have fallen into place for the sake of speed and efficiency, including the use of default and shared passwords, open access, and little oversight. Many systems have been put into production and stayed in place well beyond the vendor’s intended support lifecycles. This situation has resulted in systems that are end-of-life, no longer receiving patches or updates despite known security flaws. Unfortunately, many organizations have also built security around the assumption of air-gapped networks, which is proving to be insufficient as more and more devices become interconnected.

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