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Skeleton Key Vulnerability Assessment

Written by: Vikram Navali, Senior Technical Product Manager – Once an attacker has gained domain admin rights to your Active Directory, there are several techniques they can use and maintain persistence within the Windows environment. One such technique is Modify Authentication Process, where adversaries may modify the standard authentication process on a Domain Controller (DC).

Attivo Networks Enhances Portfolio for Amplified Identity Access Management Control

ThreatPath Release Addresses Proliferation of Endpoints and Credential Protection Challenges … Attivo Networks®, an award-winning leader in cyber deception and attacker lateral movement threat detection, today announced innovative enhancements to its ThreatPath® solution, part of the modular ThreatDefend® Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) family of products. ThreatPath, which continuously observes and shows credential exposures, now also …

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Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks Launches Attack Path Vulnerability Assessments for Continuous Threat Management at Black Hat

Attivo Networks® today announced that the Attivo ThreatDefend™ Deception and Response Platform has been enhanced to provide an organization’s visibility and assessment of vulnerable attack paths that a cyber attacker would take to reach critical assets. Attivo is empowering organizations with insight into how an attacker would target misconfigured systems or misused credentials and then automating the response actions to isolate these systems from causing additional infection, exfiltrating data or harming critical infrastructure. Additionally, the company announced that its next generation software has enhanced its deception technology to misdirect and detect attackers seeking to begin their attack by targeting Microsoft Active Directory, which is a favored target for attackers seeking credentials for attack escalation.

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