99% of Office Workers Commit Actions that Dramatically Increase the Likelihood of Workplace Data Breach

Almost all (99%) of the professionals surveyed admitted to conducting at least one potentially dangerous action, from sharing and storing login credentials to sending work documents to personal email accounts.

Office workers prioritize personal convenience over security protocols

Lost or stolen data can significantly impair an organization, and the impact is only getting worse as the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks increase. In 2017, the average size of data breaches grew to include more than 24,000 records. Yet when it comes to storing and sharing data, and saving login credentials, Intermedia’s Data Vulnerability Report shows that, despite nearly one quarter (23%) of employees worrying that someone outside of their company could hack or access files due to an email breach, employees continue to ignore best practices opting instead for more convenient, and riskier, practices. For example:

Roughly 1 in every 4 office workers (24%) reuse the same login credentials for their work and personal accounts
Nearly all (96%) office workers automatically save work passwords on their work computer, instead of routinely entering login credentials