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The Channel’s 2020 Vision: From Edge Computing and Malicious Tech to Closing the Skills Gap

As we enter 2020, PCR speaks to experts from various parts of the tech and IT channel to find out some of the biggest trends expected to hit the industry, the businesses that work within it, and the end-users.


“To date, much of the forecasts around 5G have been in relation to investment and launches. However, next year this will change. With several telco companies officially launching the technology and 5G-compatible phones coming into the mainstream, consumers will start to see 5G ‘in action’ and will realise the possibilities with this new technology,” Nick Offin, head of sales, marketing and operations at Dynabook Northern Europe, tells PCR.

“But 5G won’t just mean a faster download of your favourite Netflix show, the shift from 4G to 5G will change just about everything across multiple industries. Telecom experts are going so far as to herald 5G’s arrival as the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. In fact, 5G – with its enhanced capacity, connectivity, speeds and minimal latencies – will be the catalyst for IoT adoption. Other technologies predicted to springboard off 5G include cloud and edge computing, wearables, and 8K technology – to name a few.”


Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer at Attivo Networks believes 2020 will be “the year of API connectivity”.

“Driven by the need for on-demand services and automation, there will be a surge in requirements for the use of technology that interconnects through APIs. Vendors that don’t interconnect may find themselves passed over for selection in favour of others with API access that add value to existing solutions,” says Crandall.

“DevOps capabilities will continue to increase their significance in moving projects to products, with only 9% of technology professionals responsible for the development and quality of web and mobile applications stating that they had not adopted DevOps and had no plans to do so. This will drive an increased focus on DevSecOps and how opensource software is managed within projects.”


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