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Why COVID-19 has been good news for cybercriminals

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The rush to have staff working remotely has created numerous opportunities for cybercriminals to infiltrate corporate networks. These opportunities are due to people no longer working within a protected infrastructure, using insecure networks, and connecting through client devices that lack vital security patches.

It’s tempting for organisations to think that, because they have managed to navigate the initial lockdowns without any sign of a cyberattack, they are now in the clear. Unfortunately, this may not be the case.

There could well be attackers who have gained access to corporate infrastructures but have opted to lie low as they prepare their next steps. It’s quite likely that a new wave of attacks will emerge as these criminals make their presence known. Interestingly, industry studies show that the dwell time – the period that attackers spend inside the network before detection – is now just under 60 days. However, it can extend into months or even years for more advanced attacks. It may currently be the calm before the storm.

Read the complete article by Jim Cook on IT Wire.

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