World Password Day: Experts share advice on strong passwords
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World Password Day: Experts share advice on strong passwords

With the aim of World Password Day to create awareness about the need for strong password security, experts share their thoughts and advice

Today, (May 5 2022) marks World Password Day, an event created by Intel to raise awareness about the importance of strong passwords.

We live in a highly digital world, spending a lot of time online and most of us are accustomed to sharing our personal information, without even considering the possible consequences attached to it. That is why passwords are important when it comes to securing data, privacy and sensitive information.

Managing and creating strong passwords 

Strong and secure passwords are crucial, even more so now that most of our work is done online. Although, even if a strong password is in place, it should be changed once every few weeks, or even months. This way, even if your passwords are leaked in a data breach, a new, stronger password can avert access to your personal information.

Carolyn Crandall, Chief Security Advocate at Attivo Networks said: “Tip 1: Create a unique password for every site or application, this way if a password gets stolen it cannot be used broadly. Use complex passwords as the more random and unique a password is the less likely it can be cracked. The use of phrases can also be helpful to remember passwords that are longer or more complex.

“Tip 2: I strongly recommend a password manager and the use of a password generator. This can ensure strong passwords are designed for the length, digits, or symbols the site or application is requiring and you only need to remember your primary password. Most password managers offer two-factor authentication on every account. The password manager app should be installed on every employee’s phone, enabling them to approve all login attempts quickly.”

Read the full article by Tilly Kenyon in Cyber Magazine.

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